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8 Oct, 2016 - Soo...
Just finished KnB. Made me nostalgic. I miss fangirl-ing. Well, I still do it just privately. Miss the community though. It's hard adult-ing.
17 Jan, 2016 - Sooo....
Still alive. That is all.
14 Mar, 2015 - ComicsViewer
Because I somehow always lose this program. ComicsViewer
18 Jul, 2014 (no subject)
So... Still alive. Just not really on livejournal much anymore.
25 Jan, 2014 (no subject)
I've been rewatching Prince of Tennis. Just as cracky the second (third? fourth? fiftyith?) time around. I'm really bad about every time Ryoma plays a game against someone I feel the need to stop and read fanfics with that pairing. Except Tezuka. Still just don't like him. Thrill pair (Fuji x Ryoma) is still OTP, but Royal Pair (Atobe x Ryoma) is up there too. I really wish there were more Sensual Pair (Yukimura x Ryoma) fics... One thing I've noticed that I really dislike is a lot of Fem!Ryo. Why?

Oh, and it's important to mention. Nanjiroh was super hot when he was young, and you know Ryoma is going to look just like him only with golden eyes <3. And am I the only one that didn't notice the awesomeness that is Rinko the first time around? I thinks it's cool that Ryoma's mom rode a motorcycle AND played tennis too.
7 Jul, 2013 - Just a Little FYI
If the community you would like to leave has been deleted or suspended and you can't view the Community Profile page, you can leave it by going directly to http://www.livejournal.com/community/leave.bml?comm=communityname (replacing "communityname" with the username of the community).
26 May, 2012 - Whistle Icons
Clicky...Collapse )

Made these forever ago when trying out icon tutorials and never got around to posting. X-Posted to whistlefans and whistle_boiluv. Take, use, credit.

I am now up to date on Komatta Toki Niwa Hoshi ni Kike!.... Good manga but 18+ volumes and little to no development. I had to reread from the beginning because it's been ongoing for long I had a hard time remembering what had happened.
7 Jan, 2012 (no subject)
So, even though I just caught up on supernatural I'm thinking of starting over at the beginning.... Haven't been able to find a show to fill the void... And of course, this doesn't help much...
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